Little Dragon - Twice (Nano disk remix)

Whats is it about Little Dragon's lead singer, Yukimi Nagano, voice that makes her so damn amazing. The tunes coming out from Little Dragon, the remixes of their work and the collaborations with artists such as SBTRKT always seem to go on to critical acclaim. And this tune here should be no exception.

Nanodisk, who is part of the label KernowMidi from the UK, has created this silky smooth remix of Little Dragon's tune 'Twice' which i have no doubt will be an online hit if it is picked up by the right blogs.

Check out the tune below and support Nanodisk and the KernowMidi guys by visiting and liking their Facebook fan page here

You can download the song here and also check out more of the tunes on the label here 


Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon - out on Sept 3rd. Live Stream here now.

After setting the world alight with their debut release 'Tourist History' in 2010, Two Door Cinema Club are set to release their sophomore album titled 'Beacon' next week. The album takes cues from their previous album with the same upbeat feel and is sure to have a few hits that will become synonymous with this Summer.

The guys have made their album available for live streaming on their Soundcloud which you can listen to below. Support the guys by buying their album next week when it releases so they can make many more epic albums and also come back downunder very soon.

Two Door Cinema Club Facebook


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinsoaurs (T-E-E-D) Essential Mix with tracklist

T-E-E-D or better known as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs or actually known as Orlando Higginbottom really needs no introduction at this stage. His tunes have been everywhere the last couple of years, with bangers such as 'Trouble', 'Garden', 'Tapes & Money', and my personal favourite 'Dream On'. He recently released his new album 'Trouble' in June this year which has received rave reviews and has cemented his stature as one of the most pioneering producers of the time.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by the BBC who have recently asked him to record the latest BBC 1 Essential Mix further cementing him as one of the best. You can listen or download the mix below, its an epic mix with a good range of tunes from a lot of unique artists. The tracklist can also be found below.

Download Here,

01 ?
02 Tom Tom Club – Don’t Say No (Short Cool Mix)
03 The Barking Dogs feat. Marcelo Burlon – Mamarracho
04 Hardhouse – Check This Out
05 Small People – Salty Days
06 Micachu feat. Tirzah – I’m Not Dancing
07 Medlar – The Sun
08 Jesse Perez – Miami Is My Town 
09 Greymatter – Pick & Roll
10 Family Of Few – Intervoles
11 Eats Everything – Vertigo
12 Justin Jay – Femme Fatale
13 Phreek Plus One – La Spirale
14 $olal – Luna’s Song (Robag Verlan-lanu Rework)
15 Arto Mwambe – Ombala Mbembo
16 Dusky – Every Day
17 I:Cube – Y.O.U.R.O.C.K (Extended Version) + The Sugacubes – Leash Called Love (Tony Humphries Remix)
18 DJ Dealer – Hungry (Destroyer Mix)
19 Sad City – Jaya
20 Lauren Lane & Jaw – Laser Eyes
21 Jd Twitch – Cumbia 1
22 Aerea Negrot – Planta Baja
23 Da Posse feat. Christa Jordan – In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix)
24 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love
25 WK7 – Do It Yourself 
26 Scuba – NE1BUTU
27 Rivet – Inside Looking Out
28 Amir Alexander – Catacombs
29 Gingy & Bordello – Iron & Water 
30 Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)
31 MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) – Mmm Meets Tshetsha Boys
32 Koreless – Lost In Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix)
33 I.C.P. – Free & Equal (Leftfield Remix)
34 Aphrodite’s Child – Loud, Loud, Loud

We're Back! With a super exclusive. The Aston Shuffle - Can't Stop Now

So we have been on a bit of a hiatus over the last few months. A mix of travel and work have caused this. No excuse though. We will be up and running as per usual again now and are looking to make some upgrades to the blog shortly, so look out for these coming soon.

To kick things back off we have a freshly released tune, literally it was live about an hour ago. The first single from Aston Shuffle's sophomore album release due early 2013. This will also be released digitally 7th September on EMI.

These guys are wicked live so I'm pretty amped that their releasing a new album as it also means they'll be touring a new show shortly.

Check out the tune below and visit them here www.facebook.com/theastonshuffle


Gramatik - #digitalfreedom EP available for free download

Gramatik has to be one of my favourite artists at the moment. Producing tunes under Pretty Lights label, they are absolute good c#$ts by giving away all their music for free, hence the title for this album #digitalfreedom.

Of his new album he said "My new EP bares the title #digitalfreedom. As an artist that based his entire career on the platform of free file sharing, I'm dedicating it to the fight against severe internet censorship bills we've been hearing about so much in the past months. Bastards have been trying to cripple the internet on a global scale with bills like ACTA/SOPA/PIPA and I'm sure there's more of them coming, so this one goes out for spreading awareness! Reject them all, they will never stop the sharing, the Internet is our realm, DIGITAL FREEDOM!"

I have huge props for what these guys stand up for and the quality of music they release. Check out the tunes from the album on the live stream below and if they tickle your fancy shoot over to the Pretty Lights Music websitehttp://www.facebook.com/gramatik on the link below and access the free download. Plus check out the other great artists on the site including the label creator himself, Pretty Lights.

Download album here

Aeroplane March Mix 2012 out now, download here with tracklist

Aeroplane have finally released his March mix which cant have come soon enough, These are still going huge and instantly get thousands of ears on them as soon as its posted. Sign up to Vito's soundcloud to get these as soon as their out or just come back here and we will always have them. Enjoy below.

1. Aeroplane - Caramellas ( Joakim Remix )
2. Scuola Furano - On Fire ( Glimmers Remix )
3. Only Children - Down Fever
4. Dzim - Run Away
5 . Hot Chip - Flutes ( Dub Mix )
6. Rik Parkinson - Ain't No
7. Jupiter - One O Six ( A.N.D.Y. Remix )
8. Alex Metric - Anybody Else
9. L'equipe du Son - She was a dancer
10. Elton Versus Pnau ) Good Morning To The Night
11. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II ( Soulwax Remix )